Test Styles and Structure of Vue.js Components in Jest

Posted on Sep 4, 2017
Testing Vue.js components with Jest

You can find the content of this article updated to the most recent version of vue-test-utils and Jest on my book.

So far, in the tests we've tested via Jest Snapshots. This is great, but sometimes we wanna assert something more specific.

Although you can access the Vue instance via cmp.vm, you have a set of utilities at your disposal to make it easier. Let's see what we can do.

The Wrapper object

The Wrapper is the main object of vue-test-utils. It is the type returned by mount, shallowMount, find and findAll functions. You can see here the whole API and typings.

find and findAll

They accept a Selector as an argument, which can be both a CSS selector or a Vue Component.

So we can do things like:

let cmp = mount(MessageList);

// Or even call it multiple times
let el = cmp.find(".message").find("span").element;

// Although for the previous example, we could do it in one
let el = cmp.find(".message span").element;

Asserting Structure and Style

Let's add more tests to MessageList.test.js:

it("is a MessageList component", () => {

  // Or with CSS selector

it("contains a Message component", () => {

  // Or with CSS selector

Here we're using is to assert the root component type, and contains to check for sub-components existence. Just as find they receive a Selector, which can be a CSS Selector or a Component.

We have some utils to assert the Vue instance:

it("Both MessageList and Message are vue instances", () => {

Now we're going to assert Structure in more detail:

it("Message element exists", () => {

it("Message is not empty", () => {

it('Message has a class attribute set to "message"', () => {

exists, isEmpty and attributes comes in very handy for this.

Then, we have classes and attributes().style to assert Styling. Let's update the Message.vue component with a style, since attributes().style asserts only inline styles:

<li style="margin-top: 10px" class="message">{{message}}</li>

Here the tests:

it("Message component has the .message class", () => {

it("Message component has style padding-top: 10", () => {
  expect(cmp.find(Message).attributes().style).toBe("padding-top: 10px;");

Wrapping up

There is a bunch of utils to make easier testing Vue components. You can find them all in the typings file.

You can find the working code in this repo.

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